Yello & Revox Collaboration: The Exclusive Revox B77 MK II Yello Edition Tape Machine

The Quintessence of Audiophile Perfection Meets Musical Avant-Garde

In a historic merger of two icons of music and audio technology, Yello and Revox have launched the B77 MK II Yello Edition tape machine. This collaboration marks a milestone in the realm of high-fidelity audio, blending Yello’s avant-garde musical artistry with Revox’s legendary engineering.

B77 MK II Yello Edition: A Landmark in Audio Technology

The Revox B77 MK II is renowned for its outstanding fidelity and sustainable construction. This tape machine is not merely a playback device; it stands as a symbol of audiophile excellence. 

In a masterful collaboration with Yello, Revox has exquisitely restored ten of these legendary machines, renewing, refining, and customizing components. Every detail, from the precisely manufactured heads to the carefully calibrated motors, has been perfected in the Revox factory to ensure an unparalleled sound experience as well as a unique visual highlight.

Restored and Renovated to the Highest Standard

Feature Description
Analog High-End Sound Quality The B77 MK II Yello Edition delivers superior analog sound, capturing the warmth and depth that digital formats often miss.
Digital Drive Innovation The machine features a digital drive that displays the lettering “YELLO” when reset, a subtle nod to the collaboration.
Studio Quality Playback It plays tapes with 510 NanoWeber, ensuring studio-quality audio reproduction.
Factory Warranty Comes with a 2-year factory warranty from Revox.
Co-Branded Design Includes a co-branded sound head cover.
Limited Edition Only 10 pieces available, making it a rare collector’s item.
Personal Touch Each machine comes with a plaque personally signed by Yello’s Boris Blank and Dieter Meier.
Special Finish The machines feature a unique black paint finish, adding to their exclusivity.

A Collaboration That Resonates

This exclusive partnership between Yello and Revox is more than a mere combination of brand and machine. It celebrates the musical and technological achievements of both entities. It harks back to an era when artists and engineers worked together to push the boundaries of what was possible.

For those seeking the best of both worlds—Revox’s unrivaled sound quality and Yello’s musical magic—the B77 MK II Yello Edition is the ultimate choice. This tape machine is a testament to the power of collaboration and the enduring allure of high-fidelity audio.

Discover the Current Range of Revox Products

While the exclusive Revox B77 MK II Yello Edition tape machine exemplifies the pinnacle of audio craftsmanship and artistic collaboration, Revox continues to innovate across a broad spectrum of audio products. Let’s explore the latest offerings from Revox that bring unparalleled sound quality to every corner of your home.

Wireless Speakers: Revox STUDIOART Series

The new Revox STUDIOART products set a new benchmark in wireless audio technology. These WLAN and Bluetooth speakers provide access to a multitude of digital music sources, making them perfect for modern, connected lifestyles. Whether you prefer a single speaker setup or a sophisticated multiroom solution, the STUDIOART series ensures high-fidelity sound throughout your home.

Audio Systems: Individualized Studio Sound

Revox audio systems are designed for those who appreciate excellence and innovation in their listening experience. These systems offer studio-quality sound, allowing you to enjoy music exactly as the artists intended. With customizable settings and advanced features, Revox audio systems cater to your individual preferences, making each listening session uniquely satisfying.

Loudspeakers: Versatility and Quality

Revox offers an impressive range of loudspeakers to suit various listening environments and aesthetic preferences:

High-End Floor-Standing Speakers: These slender, elegant speakers deliver powerful, immersive sound.

Compact Speakers: Perfect for smaller spaces without compromising on audio quality.

Invisibly Installed Speakers: Wall- and ceiling-mounted speakers that blend seamlessly into your decor while providing exceptional sound clarity.

No matter your choice, Revox loudspeakers ensure true studio sound quality.

Multiuser | Multiroom Systems: Pioneering Custom Solutions

As the inventor of Multiroom systems, Revox has been at the forefront of delivering customizable, high-quality audio solutions for over 30 years. Their multiroom systems are designed to bring superior sound to multiple living spaces simultaneously. With Revox, you can enjoy your favorite music in any room of your home, all controlled effortlessly from a single interface.

Experience Revox

Revox continues to push the boundaries of audio technology, ensuring that every product delivers an exceptional listening experience. Whether you are a dedicated audiophile or someone who simply loves great music, Revox’s current range of products offers something special for everyone. Experience the future of sound with Revox and transform your home into a haven of high-fidelity audio.

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